For Joanne Black, creativity is as essential as breathing. Inspired by music and art from an early age, (along with a fascination for Picasso – with whom she shares her birthday), she always loved to play with many different styles and looks, all forming the essence of who she is today – and why she is such a sought-after stylist.

At the age of 15, Black entered the world of fashion, launching her career as model with the Holman Lee Modelling Agency. In 1995, she was crowned Miss Ireland which made her a familiar public figure and went on to travel the world representing her country, at Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Europe.

“When your with me, fashion comes together”
The combination of her own exposure to some of the top designers in the world and the experience she had gained from being in the public eye, her passion for fashion was reinforced; she studied styling at London college of Fashion. With a portfolio boasting a high profile clientele she became a familiar name in the industry. Regularly attending the Cannes Film Festival, Joanne started to become a reference in red carpet fashion by A-list stars who climb up those famous red stairs. Joanne is currently working and living in Los Angeles as a stylist.

Joanne’s is inspired by fashion designers, music, art, world-wide travel, the movies and vintage fashion. Through styling, Joanne Black has found the perfect outlet to channel her creativity.


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