Everyone that knows me can tell you that on top of being a fashion devotee I’m also fine dining enthusiast. That’s why I was delighted to be chosen as a member of the judging panel of the Menu de Cannes competition.

Cooking for Robert de Niro – president of the 64th Cannes Festival Jury – isn’t an easy task. The Russians and French reached the finals after battling it out with teams from around the world and yours truly was there to choose the winner that would prepare the Jury Deliberation Dinner.

Being a gastronome really helped as I judged the food, table settings, styling on and around the table. I was able to use my experience as a Michelin Star restaurant aficionado and was impressed by the creativity, the flavours and the textures from each team’s menu. I really felt the pressure as I filled my role of panel judge and it was a great experience… Oh and the French team won!