Fabulous party @ Club Baoli

Where: Club Baoli
Pic: The high life at Baoli Beach

Quentin Tarantino is famous the world over for his superb writing and directing skills – backed up by the private screening I attended earlier that evening. Having seen him on the dance floor, however, I think he may have missed his vocation. Wearing a sparkly short blue number I’d picked up from local designer Peps (great for sexy dresses), with Lanvin sandals and my reliable Sergio Rossi clutch, I did my best to keep up with him. It wasn’t long though before I decided my best move would involve sipping my favourite festival drink – Champagne with ice in a white wine glass (called Piscine).

I certainly learned a lot that night between drinks. My friend Logan Maggio is a wonderful host; Angelina Jolie looks great in nude (Versace Atelier that is), Christopher Waltz (Col Hans Landa) is an incredible actor, and I really need to start a list of ‘stars in need of styling’ (one I can’t divulge obviously). I also picked up a useful fashionista top tip – if you’re going to get air-lifted under the best sign in town, make sure you’re not wearing Lanvins (and you like heights)!